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Acrylan Elastic White 10L

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Elastic, insulating paint for exterior vertical surfaces based on special 100% acrylic resins.

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Elastic, insulating paint for exterior vertical surfaces based on special 100% acrylic resins. It can be applied to both old and new surfaces such as plaster, rendering, concrete, bricks, etc. It exhibits an excellent watertight film, great hiding power, exceptional fastness even if exposed to adverse weather conditions or pollutants in a seaside or industrial environment, without requiring recoating with an acrylic paint. It covers completely all existing small expansions and contractions of the surface, retaining its elasticity at temperatures ranging between -25oC to +110oC. The final surface and the shades come through time unscathed, without snake trials. It is A.P.E.O. free.

New or old surfaces, clean and repaired walls that have been previously painted with water-based paints or distempers (lime wash or ceiling white) must first be coated with VITEX's Durovit (transparent solvent-based primer) diluted up to 100% with Vitex's Brush Solvent T-300 or with ACRYLAN UNCO ECO (micronize acrylic silicone water-based primer) diluted 50 - 100% with water and then with one or two coats of Acrylan elastic and insulating paint.

It is available in white. Acrylan elastic and insulating base paint can be used for the
preparation of an unlimited number of shades through VITEX's Colorfull Tinting



Packaging : 10L

Drying :  It is touch dry after 2 - 3 hours .

Recoatability Time :  It can be recoated after 6-8 hours, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Spreading Rate : 10 - 12 m2 / L per coat on properly prepared surfaces.

Thinning : Dilute 10% with water

Application : Apply by roller, brush or spray gun.