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SILOMER 100 Anti-mould Silicon Transpanent 280mL

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SILOMER 100 is a versatile one-component silicone of high quality, ideal for sealing building joints and glazing systems. 

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building joints and glazing systems. The product is excellent UV and weather resistant. It offers great adhesion, elasticity and an exceptional sealing, forming a durable rubber seal. Resistant to temperatures from -50°C to έως 120°C.

Surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust or grease. Apply the product uniformly in temperatures ranging from 5oC to 40oC and allow to dry. Adhesion tests prior to the application are recommended.

Translucent and white.


Ideal for filling joints which demand elasticity (max 25%). It can be used to connect and insulate glass panellings, aluminium, tiles and baths. Suitable for industrial, constructional and marine applications. SILOMER100 may also be used without a primer on non porous surfaces such as glass, porcelain coated metal, epoxy and polyester panels, polystyrene, uPVC, stainless steel and finished wood.


Among others not recommended for application on concrete, marble, lead, copper, galvanized steel and not for PE, PP, Teflon and bituminous surfaces. Not recommended for aquariums. Not paintable after curing.