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Oleo-Mac GS 410 CX Compact Petrol Engine Chainsaw

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The devices specifically designed for incorporation on these models make for extremely practical use and routine maintenance.


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The compact chainsaws are designed incorporating the technology used in higher power models: they guarantee performance at the top of their category, ensuring the maximum efficiency and minimum expenditure of time and energy. Occasional minor pruning tasks or cutting small diameter firewood can be carried out using practical and easy-to-use tools.


  • Weight: 4.4 kg
  • Bar size: 41 cm, 16'', (sprocket) mm
  • Displacement: 2.5 HP - 1.8 kW/39.0 cm³ cc
  • Fuel Tank: 0.22 L/0.32 L Ltr
  • Chain Gauge: 325''x.050'' Microlite
  • Chain pitch: 325''x.050'' Microlite